What is Kickstarter?

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What is Kickstarter?

To explain what Kickstarter is, we’ve to introduce a relatively new term: crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding consists of small quantity contributions, from many people to, in this case, fund a project in exchange for a reward, which will be produced with that pledge. In this instance the reward is one PC Manager unit (or more, depending on your pledge) with all accessories and its powerful software.

The benefits of this method of funding are numerous, but by far, the most important one is that it tests if the product is appealing to the public.  It can test the case of a successful campaign or whether it is best to stop investing money in the product development if the campaign fails to achieve the fund goal.

Although you as a customer may not find this relevant to you, this is the reason why crowdfunding offers an important discount (over the final release price) to the backers, especially if you are one of the first (you can see the price with discount on the Kickstarter project page:…). Another incentive is the exclusivity; you can be one of the first people to own a PC Manager, because its release will only be after all the backers have received their PC Manager. This being explained, Kickstarter is the most popular and widely used crowdfunding platform in the world; and works as follows.  The project creator fixes a goal (monetary amount to fulfill the project), and a deadline for it to be achieved. Once the deadline has been reached; if the goal was achieved, the project will be “funded”, the pledged amount charged to your credit card, and we will start the production of the PC Manager units and its accessories so we can deliver them to all backers in the shortest time possible. If the project doesn’t achieve the funding goal, you won’t be charged any amount; so, in the case of Kickstarter, it’s “all or nothing”.

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