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Take control of your computers

Advantages of remote controlling your PC

… it allows you to monitor the status of all your computers in your home and/or company and check if one of them is in use at strange hours, or locked/frozen, doing nothing (idle state) and wasting energy, and much more.

Software environment

We’ve designed the PC Manager software to be compatible with the majority of internet enabled devices, which allows you to control all of your computers from where you want.

Share the control

Because PC Manager’s software allows you to include as many PC Manager devices as you desire, we have included an interesting function, specially conceived for companies (but useable by anyone) with several computers, with the goal to simplify the computer management. It consists of adding control ranks: administrator and user.

What is Kickstarter?

This article explains what Kickstarter and crowdfunding are, and some of the benefits they provide.

Energy saving

There are numerous situations in which PC Manager can help you to reduce your energy waste/costs. In this post we will enumerate some of them, which can be extrapolated to your home or company.