Software environment

Take control of your computers

Software environment

We’ve designed the PC Manager software to be compatible with the majority of internet enabled devices, which allows you to control all of your computers from where you want.

Currently the PC Manager software environment is composed of the following elements:

  • App for tablets and smartphones: A light but powerful app that puts the control of your PCs at your fingertips, and with functions that notify you of extraordinary cases such as power outages, internet connection loss, PC boot problems (and can even notify you which error has happened1), computer lockup/freezing or high internal storage usage. This allows you to take decisions and act accordingly, in less time to avoid a production descent, or minimizes virus’ actions.

Note: Currently only for Android. The iOS app development is linked to a goal pending to state in the Kickstarter campaign.

  • Cloud: You can access with virtually any internet connected device and from anywhere. You will only need an Internet connection and your device’s web browser to access the cloud of PC Manager and to have access to all functions, as in the app.
  • PC program: If you always use the same computer to control all your PC Manager(s), this program provides a smoother access than with the web browser. This program is also “portable”, so you can store it in a flash drive to use it in other computers without the need to log in (as you want).

In addition, all PC Manager control software have the same interface (same button positioning, color, etc.), which simplifies and smooths the use of the software.

Note: The software environment is still in development and the displayed images may change when the product gets delivered.

1: This function may not be available in some computers.

For additional information about PC Manager, explore our blog.

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