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Share the control

Because PC Manager’s software allows you to include as many PC Manager devices as you desire, we have included an interesting function, specially conceived for companies (but useable by anyone) with several computers, with the goal to simplify the computer management. It consists of adding control ranks: administrator and user.

This function allows you to partially or completely delegate the control of all your registered PC Manager devices, to any other user you choose, which will grant them access to the entire software environment of PC Manager (Android App, Cloud, etc.). Consequently, if you are the manager of your company, you can grant access to the IT department, or the section manager, to do routine tasks.

You can also choose which functions you are delegating: PC power on/off, reboot, problem notification, turn on/off schedule, etc. At the same time, you will still have total control over all of these delegated features.

Additionally, the PC Manager software has a built-in event log, with which you can monitor all actions taken by the users you authorized, at a specific date and time.

For additional information about PC Manager, explore our blog.

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