Take control of your computers

PC Manager is designed to be compatible with the majority of existing desktop computers, and to withstand assembly errors. Below you will find a compatibility chart on which you can locate your PC(s) to determine if they are compatible with PC Manager.

Table 1: Compatibility chart.
Table 2: Meaning of the symbols.

Further details

Essentially, the compatibility with PC Manager depends upon the presence of the commonly named “Front Panel” connector (in standard pin spacing, 2.54 mm / 0.1’’), which is where the PC’s front main elements are connected. These are: Power on and reset buttons, power LED and Internal storage activity LED.

Image 1: Example Front Panel connector on motherboard’s user guide.
Image 2: Example motherboard Front Panel connector.

In addition, in order to connect the PC’s chassis buttons and LEDs so that they can stay in use after the PC Manager device’s installation (it is not essential for the PC Manager’s proper function), it is also necessary this PC’s case connector to be standard.

Image 3: PC’s chassis Front Panel connectors.

¿Is it easy to install? ¿Who can install it?

Like everything else in life, the installation time and difficulty will depend upon the installer’s previous experience or ability with PC repairs and assembly. If you have previous experience assembling a computer or upgrading parts, it probably won’t be a challenge to assemble a PC Manager on a compatible computer.

If you have no previous experience, it’s recommended to ask for help from an experienced person or professional, because although PC Manager can withstand incorrect assemblies, an electrostatic discharge may damage your computer permanently.

An experienced person will usually need about 10 – 15 minutes per each computer to install the PC Manager unit.