Advantages of remote controlling your PC

Take control of your computers

Advantages of remote controlling your PC

This situation may sound familiar to some: We arrive at our vacation destination, ready to start ticking off the items on our itinerary prepared days earlier, only to find we’ve forgotten to print the planning or put it in the suitcase.

In this situation, we would have three possible options: resign ourselves to having lost the schedule, ask a family or a friend (who will need our house keys) to help us, or we can simply use our laptop (or any other internet connected computer in the world) to turn on our computer with an installed PC Manager, and remotely copy the archive. Once done, we can switch it off again, as if nothing happened. This last option would take less than 5 minutes!

The functions of PC Manager are far more varied than rescuing a vacation itinerary. You can, for example, power on all your company PCs by only pressing one (virtual) button, making it possible to use all the combined computing power of the company to render an image or a video or perform engineering simulation calculations.  After that, you can simply switch them off to continue saving energy. PC Manager even notifies you if a computer is failing to boot and what error is causing it*. In addition, it allows you to monitor the status of all your computers in your home and/or company and check if one of them is in use at strange hours, or locked/frozen, doing nothing (idle state) and wasting energy, and much more.

We are currently working also to include voice control, via the most common voice assistants (linked to a goal pending to state in the Kickstarter campaign).

All of this is possible with a power use of less than 0.5 W (which translates to less than $/€/£ 1 per year)

*: This function may not be available in some computers.

For additional information about PC Manager, explore our blog.

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