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We are Snatek, a newly created start-up, conceived with the aim of introducing fully designed and developed by us technological devices, to make everyday life easier for business and users. We are committed to  product quality, ecology, and fair price.

PC Manager is our first project and is a clear example of these commitments:

  • Quality: the device is only made with top international brand components (Texas Instruments, Samsung, etc.). In addition, each and every unit and accessory is individually inspected and tested.
  • Ecology: One of the main functions of PC Manager is the capability to drastically reduce the futile power usage, caused by a computer in idle state.  In the same way, its own power usage is of about 4 kWh/year, which translates to around 1 kg of CO2 per year, compared to approximately 120 kg of CO2 per year which it can help to save (in the case described in this blog entry: Energy saving).

We are located in Bilbao, Basque country.

For more information you can contact us at: info@pc-manager.net